Thursday, November 03, 2016

Letter to the Members of PAXC

The new ski season is about to start, and we need your help for a great one!  Hello, I’m Christian Renault, your club president.  The trails are being prepared for the season, but we needs hands to complete the work before snow comes, and also need new instructors for ski schools.

Registration will be done on-line again, through Zone 4, as Cross Country Canada (CCC)requires it be done that way. Their annual fee has gone up $1. There are transaction fees that we cannot avoid, for the use of Zone 4, as well as insurance fees for the club, imposed by CCC. The PAXC membership fees for the 2017 season will remain the same as last year, at $75 per adult; Ski School is $50 per student; youth are $30. BUT! There is a 10% reduction if you register before December 1st! Registration will be open very soon. Many thanks to Alicia for coordinating the registration. Of course, you may choose to pay per visit, if you plan to come occasionally. A donation of $5 is suggested per day, per person, to cover trail maintenance costs.

The Ski School program, coordinated by Russell Schroeder, could start before Christmas, if there is enough snow. This year, the classes will still be on Saturdays at 1:00 pm, and last a minimum of 60 minutes. The earlier you register, the faster Russell can establish the classes with the instructors. Even when the season has started, new students are welcome. Parents, you are more than welcome to assist the instructors during the lessons, even if your child is not in the same group.

René Sauvé heads the race program. He has already started the season, many months ago! Though he already brought the racers to ski on the weekend of 28-30th October of 2016, there is still a possibility to join the racing team. Please contact René for any question or involvement. The racing team hopes to qualify for the nationals this season. There are 2 of our our racers in the Ontario Talent Squad (OTS).

The executive needs a ‘member at large’. The member at large is any member of the club willing to attend the executive meeting (usually less than 90 minutes) 5-6 times a season. The member at large is to give feedback and interpretations from the membership. The next meeting will be on December 1st, at 7:00 pm. Please contact Christian Renault if you are interested, at crenault5 at gmail dot com. In more than one person is willing to help, the executive will vote. It would be nice to have a lady, since the executive has only 2 ladies, and 5 men.

Also, the club is looking for den mothers, to help with cabin maintenance and preparing hot drinks during Ski School on Saturday afternoons.

A small crew of several volunteers, mostly Damien McCarthy, Steve Bursey, and René Sauvé, have cleared fallen trees, cut invading brush and blackberry canes; trimmed weeds and saplings on the sides of the trails; removed many low branches and protruding stones. René has done an excellent job on clearing some trails. Steve is spending a lot of time on the trails with his tractor, mowing with a brush hog. But with hardly a handful of volunteers, the trails may not be ready on time for the season. If you can spare a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon, don’t hesitate to contact Christian Renault.

In closing, thanks to all the members of the executive who coordinate the club, and do a lot of volunteering hours. You might consider volunteering for the Ski School this year, as ski  instructor, or in the trail maintenance. To prepare as Ski School instructor, or assistant, you can join an ICC/CCC coaching workshop in Deep River the last Saturday 27th of November (see previous post).

When you pay your fees, either for season registration or for an occasional use, consider making a money gift, to offset the cost of maintenance, or support the Ski School, or the race program. The club is spending a few thousand dollars every year on trail maintenance, including new equipment and its maintenance.

Enjoy the trails! Let it snow!

Christian Renault