Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Trail Clean Up Days

Oct 3  ~ Oct 17  ~ Oct 24

If you have time to join us we are looking for volunteers to help brush trails, clean up the cabin, fire wood, organize the garage and help get machines ready for the winter. High school students can receive volunteer hours. Join us for one Saturday or all three!

Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm

What to bring: Water, gloves, pruners, 

Optional: Trimmers, brush saws, chainsaws, four wheelers

More info email: tmccarthy1028@gmail.com 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

AGM report


Pembroke and Area Cross Country Ski Club

AGM – Virtual Meeting Sep.2020


Current Executive:

President:                                Christian Renault                    Treasurer:  Tammy McCarthy

Secretary:                                Kathleen Mottershead            Registration: Alicia Bertiaume

Ski School Coordinator:           Erin Whyte                              Race Team: Jean Pelchat

Trail Maintenance & Grooming: Steve Bursey &                     Members at Large: Caroline Seguin &

Damien McCarthy                                                    Scott Nichol


President Welcome:

Hello club members. This report would usually be read during the AGM, which is usually at the end of April each year, at the close of the ski season. The COVID-19 lockdown forced us to postpone the AGM until later, but, since we can’t easily meet, we have to make this year a virtual meeting. All of the information that is contained would have been read and discussed during our physical presence. You can read it at your leisure: you will have last season’s reports of registration, treasury, ski school, race team, and maintenance. Also, an update of our big project of the lit trail, the planned trail work, and the Board of Directors election.


Please read the report, and address any concerns or suggestions to Christian Renault, at crenault5 at gmail dot com.


Future updates on how COVID will impact PAXC this coming year will be posted to the blog, so please stay tuned.


Registration Report:

Fees for 2019/2020 Season                             Number of Members

Adults:            $80 per person                                    82

Jackrabbits:      $55 per person                                  11

Youth:              $40 per person                                   32

Kids under 6     free                                                     1


    Executive agreed to freeze membership prices for the 2020/2021 season.

    Stay tuned for online 20/21 Registration to open on www.paxc.blogspot.com , your club membership guarantees the clubs success in providing quality grooming and investing in equipment and resources, plus our land use permit.


Treasurer’s Report:

Bank Account:                                                           

Bank Account                          $23,001.33                 



Donations honouring Brian      $     805.00

GIC Account                             $12,316.03

Total                                        $13,121.03


Membership Revenue             $ 9,272.25

Other Revenue                        $ 3,621.00

Donations – Brian                    $    805.00

Grants                                      $ 6,600.00

Total                                        $20,298.25



Operating Budget 19/20           $10,737.41      [Budget was $10,000, over by $737.41]

Bank Charges                           $      30.75

Snowplowing                           $  1,100.00

MNR Fees                                $    515.16

Total                                        $12,383.32


Proposed Next Steps:

-        Set aside $10,000 for 20/21 Season operating expenses.

-        Balance in bank account: $23,001.33 - $10,000.0 (20/21 Season) = $13,001.33

-        Recommendations to purchase a new groomer drag approx. $11,000, to extend the life of the old drag and to have two people grooming at one time. Safety and timing.

-        Recommendation to purchase club brush saw & PPE for fall maintenance approx. $800

-        Remainder of money would be invested into GIC. This money is invested as our insurance policy and to replace equipment.

-        Finish off the outside of the extension on the cabin, approx.$ 500.


Ski School Report:

A small but dedicated group of students participated in ski school for the 19/20 season. A condensed season combining 6 weeks of lessons over 8 weeks was implemented with the two “break” weeks ending up being used as make-up classes for cancellations due to extreme winter weather (excessive rain). Three separate class “groups” for Bunnyrabbits (<5 years with Erin); Level 1 & 2 Jackrabbits (approx. ages 6-8 with Heather); and Level 3+ Jackrabbits (approx. ages 9+ [depending on previous experience] with Christian). Our final class was a fun day which included a short wrap up lesson with the instructors and a team photo scavenger hunt. Photos from the teams were posted to our PAXC Facebook site and was a great way to wrap up the ski season. A huge thank you to Christian, Heather and all of the volunteer assistants who were instrumental in last season’s success!!

For the 20/21 season, we are currently recruiting instructors and volunteers. We are looking at a few options for this coming season depending on the direction we receive from Cross Country Ontario regarding the Jackrabbit program and COVID-19. Our goal is to run ski school… in some format. A likely option may be a “virtual” ski school. Stay tuned for more details!


Interested in volunteering or coaching? Please contact Erin Whyte at erinwhyte189@gmail.com


Race Team Report:


The Pembroke Nordic racers had a really good season. All the racers attended the O-Cup series to accumulate points. Lots of them were able to finish in the top five or ten of their age group. Unfortunately, it was René Sauvé’s last season with the club. René has moved to Cornwall and is now focusing his energy on starting a new club over there.  We will miss his enthusiasm and his great knowledge. Thank you René for all those years. Some people can not be replaced. So without a coach, some racers decided to retire and some had to move to another club to continue their career. Liam MacDonald and Raphael Guerout are now skiing with Nakkertok in Gatineau and Guillaume Pelchat is now a member of the National Team Development Center in Thunder Bay. We wish good luck to all of you.


If any member is interested in re-invigorating the racing team, or in seeking coaching training, PAXC is happy to support this, so please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Maintenance Report:

2019/2020 was a good snow year compared to some others recently, we had some groomer drag issues, with broken welds, groomer teeth, failed actuator motors and damage to the plastic pan at the rear. Over all the machines worked ok, we continue to have electrical issues with the Alpina. We studded the track of the skandic machine in preparation for ice storms and then we did not have the bad icy conditions we normally see...of course. We also completed some renovation of the new ”lit trail” in preparation for the poles for solar lighting to be installed and improved some of the water drainage/ice buildup on the loop, it seemed to work well in most areas.


We will be scheduling 3 trail maintenance days this fall and ask everyone to come out and help get our trails ready for the snow. See the end of this communication for details.


Grooming Report:

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to our committed volunteers for their time and dedication to the countless hours of grooming that make PAXC a great place to ski! Groomers: Steve Bursey, Damien McCarthy, Christian Renault, Jeff Jackson, Caroline Seguin, Alex Ouellette, Ted Moryto, Jean Pelchat, Ian Pineau, and Clay Deighton.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer groomer please contact Steve Bursey stephenbursey11@yahoo.ca or Damien McCarthy dmccarthy0701@gmail.com for more information.

Solar Lighting Project Report:

An exciting addition to our trails for this past season was a new solar powered lit trail at approx 1.8km long. Through a lot of hard work we were successful in receiving a Trillium grant for approx $50,000 which enabled us to hire Scott Williams Renewables to carry out the project. We now have 21 poles with solar panels, batteries, controllers and lights starting in the parking lot and out the trail with a modified route through part of the 800m loop, through an exciting new corner  to return to the cabin on the green/blue ski. Scott was also able to get us some much needed light in the cabin and in the garage, which will be great for this season. (If covid rules let us use the cabin?) Thank you to Alicia for securing the funding and liaising with MNR for the approval, to Steve and Damien for your support and advice on the project, and to Scott for your hard work and many extra hours you spent working on this system to make it such a great success.


Upgraded End of Cabin Project Report:


If you didn’t notice last ski season the end of the cabin was renovated  to allow users to put on their equipment out of the elements. It is located behind the ski map.  The upgrades include insulation, steel door donated & installed, new plexiglass windows, and the interior finished off with rough lumber. This project was successfully taken on by Ted Moryto, one of our club members who has generously donated resources, time and energy. Thank you!


2020 Fall Trail Maintenance:


We are already starting to plan the fall maintenance that is required before the snow flies.  We hope you can join us for one, two or three of the maintenance days. High school students requiring volunteer hours are welcomed to join us.  Many Hands Make Light Work!



Volunteer your time to help brush trails, clean out cabin, firewood, organize the garage, or help get equipment ready for the season. We will have something for lunch at noon.


TIMING: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, couple of extra hours in afternoon depending on availability.


DATES: Saturday Oct 3rd, 2020   

Saturday Oct 17th, 2020

Saturday Oct 24th, 2020


What to Bring: Clippers, whipper snippers, chain saws, gloves, water, if you have a four wheeler or truck to access trails further out.

Please email Steve Bursey stephenbursey11@yahoo.ca or

Damien McCarthy dmccarthy0701@gmail.com for more information.

If you are not available for the trail days there is still plenty of opportunity for you to go out to the trails on your own schedule for pruning, clearing brushing etc...


Re-election/Election of Board of Directors:

The COVID lockdown did not allow us to have an annual AGM so far. This report is in lieu of the AGM. In the PAXC constitution, we are to have nominations for the Board of Directors and an election yearly for the various positions. Any Director can keep, or quit, their position, and members of the club can nominate replacements or apply for a position during the AGM. When we have 2 or more candidates, the group votes for one. This year, each member of the Board of Directors is willing to keep their position. If any club member wants to be part of the Board of Directors, he or she can say so, and we can arrange an election. The only position that could be available if any member wants to be part of the Board, is President. The core of the Board would be the same as last year if nobody challenges their position. The experience and the enthusiasm shown by the Directors, along with their synergy, has made volunteering a pleasure.

If nothing changes, the executive will be the same as listed on the first page of this document for the ‘20-’21 season. Big thanks to all of them for the countless hours of volunteering they put in every year.

René Sauvé has been an asset to the club for many, many years. He humbly brushed the trails for days on end, for years and years. He headed the ski school and the race team for several years as well, devoting himself eventually to the racing team only. He has qualified himself to higher coach levels, and inspired and encouraged many young skiers in the past. René joined the Board of Directors for many years as well, and had to resign when he moved to Cornwall area, but nevertheless kept heading the race team by establishing a training program for our enthusiast racers, until the end of the ‘20 season. René, thank you for your enthusiasm, sharing your experience, and for your countless hours of volunteering.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Another Successful Project Complete!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Saturday March 28

Trails were groomed Saturday morning.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday Mar 21

The Blue, Purple, Red and Orange trails were groomed for skating this morning.  Still lots of snow to ski.  It' too hard to do a new classic track at this point.

Thursday, March 12, 2020


The Blue trail was groomed for skating tonight.  No new classic tracks because these conditions are hard to groom.  Thanks to Ted (and Carey) for the grooming.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Phone charger found on trail

A phone charger was found on the trails a few weeks ago. If it's yours, contact skipaxc@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Skate Ski Lessons at PAXC!

Sunday Feb 23, 2020 or Sunday March 1, 2020
Time: 1pm to 3pm

Reserve your spot by emailing: jbmumford@sympatico.ca

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Ski School Cold Weather Advisory - February 8th (Classes Running) 

It's chilly but the sun is shining! With the appropriate precautions we can make the most of this beautiful crisp winter day. Coaches will be adjusting lesson plans to stay close to the cabin and class times may be shortened depending on windchill and our ability to stay warm. Parents, please make sure kids are dressed appropriately for cold weather. This means kids need to cover exposed skin (ski masks, buffs, balaclavas, scarves), proper mitts, and layers of clothing. You can even create boot covers using large wool socks by cutting the tips off to allow for the binding. Hand/foot warmers are also a great idea!

Although we do hope to see everyone on the trails this afternoon, please use your discretion as to whether you wish your child to participate in these cold temperatures. If we don't see you this week, we look forward to seeing you next week for our family fun day.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

PAXC Tribute

Brian Mottershead

May 11th, 1940 - Jan 26th, 2020

It is with heavy hearts we share the sad news of the passing of Brian Mottershead. He will always be remembered for countless hours, support and dedication to our community. His involvement was felt by many including the PAXC Ski Club, the cycling community, and the Rapid Ride and Skate Park in Pembroke. Thank you Brian for your tireless dedication and commitment.

The family has asked for donations to go to the PAXC Ski Club. This can be done thru Murphy Funeral Home, e-Transfer to skipaxc@gmail.com or by giving a cheque to one of the PAXC Executive Members.