Snowshoeing ~ Winter Biking ~ Dogs

There is a marked snowshoe trail on the Crown Land at Forest Lea. It is not maintained or patrolled by PAXC. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. It starts to the right of the cabin and is marked with yellow circle snowshoe signs. There is a 'short' loop at about 1.5km and a long one at 3km. Both start and end at the same place (the short loop does a cut off and heads back).

Please do not shoeshoe on the ski trails!

At some points the snoeshoe trail crosses the ski trail, but at no point does it travel along it. Follow the yellow markers. There are mountain bike and ski trail arrows out there, but only follow the yellow circles.

Please do not snowshoe on or along the groomed ski trails (in some places the snowshoe trail crosses the groomed ski trail, which is fine).

Take note - many snowshoers choose to bushwhack their own trail but that means there are several trails and branches that may be confusing. It is easy to get lost. The yellow signs are the official trail that will lead you back to the parking lot. Users need to be prepared to look after themselves.

Winter mountain bikers are welcome to ride on the snowshoe trail. Please do not travel on the groomed ski trail or on the usual summer mountain bike trails (as these travel on the ski trails). Winter biking is good going out the Forest Lea Rd (snowmobile packed).

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the ski trails.  This is a condition of our insurance.  The unmaintained section of Forest Lea Rd beyond the ski club parking lot is a good place to ski with your dog, or on the snowshoe trails.