PAXC Exec. Committee notes

PAXC is managed by an Executive Committee that meets once a month during the ski season. Some items of significance from the executive committee:
  • a consensus around working with a spirit of collaboration and communication
  • a move to budget based accounting on a per dept. basis
  • a renewed committment to Cross Country Ontario after shopping for other insurance options
  • developing an investment account to eventually fund replacing our grooming snowmobile (a ten year plan)
Our annual general members meeting will now stick to key items that the Executive Committee deems necessary to vote on, and will skip admin and operational details.

As a financial overview, our club has about 200 paid members and countless day use skiers; we generate about $10,000 a year in revenue, which covers all costs as well as putting away $2000 a year in a groomer replacement fund. Trail improvement costs (i.e. bulldozer work) are budgeted on a bi-annual basis. Any extra capital projects, such as expanding our cabin, will require external fundraising.

The 2019/2020 Executive Committee is represented by:
Christian Renault, Club President
Alicia Berthiaume, Membership Coordinator
Steve Bursey, Trail Manager
Erin Whyte, Ski School
René Sauvé, Racing Program
Kathleen Mottershead, Secretary
Tammy McCarthy, Treasurer
Jean Pelchat, Member at large
Caroline Sigouin, Member at large

See the 'contact us' link across the top for contact information.

Minutes from executive meetings are available upon request from Christian Renault, club president.

Christian Renault / club president crenault5 [at] gmail [dot] com

Alicia Berthiaume / membership aliciaberthiaume [at]yahoo[dot]ca