Junior Racers


                      Back:  Guillaume Pelchat, Thomas Csistzu, Thomas Pelchat, Raphaël Guerout
                       Front:  Samantha Csistzu, Sophie Levasseur, Fiona Thomas, Liam McDonald
2016-17 Racing Schedule

Major Events
O-Cup #2          Highlands Nordic - Duntroon          Jan. 14-15
O-Cup #3          Eastern Canadian Championship - Gatineau          Feb. 5-6-7
O-Cup #4          Temiskaming          Feb. 18-19-20
Ontario Midget Championship          Kawartha          March 4-5

High School Events
EOSSAA          PAXC          Feb. 15
OFSSAA          Timmins          Feb.28-March 1
Mackenzie Invitational          TBD

NCD Series
Coupe Skinouk - Gatineau          Jan.21-22
Silver Spoon - Deep River          Jan. 28
Cookie Race - Gatineau          Feb. 25

Fun Events
Candy Cane Cup - Gatineau          Dec. 18
Skittles Race - PAXC          Feb. 11


O-Cup #2 Highlands Nordic - Duntroon / Kanata Pretzel Sprints

Samantha Csisztu and Guillaume Pelchat lead the Pembroke Nordic Racers with 3 podiums at the 1st major event of the season.

Day-1  Interval Classic Technique

Samantha Csisztu (MG)            3,6 km   2nd

Guillaume Pelchat (JuvB)         7,5 km   5th
Thomas Pelchat (JuvB)             7,5 km   15th
Raphael Guerout (JuvB)           7,5 km   18th

Sophie Levasseur (JuvG)          5,0 km   14th
Fiona Thomas (JuvG)               5,0 km   42nd

Thomas Csisztu (JrB)               7,5 km   25th

Our youngest competitor, Liam McDonald was taking part in the Kanata Pretzel Sprint races. The sprints was a King's Court Format. *** Results still not available***

Liam (Pee-Wee boys)   Interval round  ?
                                      Round 2   4th in his heat
                                      Round 3   4th
                                      Round 4   5th

                                                             (Liam #116- red toque)

Day-2   Skate technique - Pursuit

Samantha Csisztu     6,2 km     2nd

Guillaume Pelchat     10 km     3rd
Thomas Pelchat         10 km     15th
Raphael Guerout       10 km      17th

Sophie Levasseur       7,5 km    14th
Fiona Thomas            7,5 km     37th

Thomas Csisztu          10 km      23rd

All participants were quite happy with their skis thanks to the work of our wax techs (René, J.P. and Fabrice). All racers were proud of the way they competed. Next major event is the Eastern Canadian Championship to be held at Nakkertok.

Eastern Canadian Championship

Friday 3 km classic prologue

Samantha Csisztu (MG)                                    1st            

Guillaume Pelchat (Juv B)                   19th
Thomas Pelchat (Juv B)                       30th
Sophie Levasseur (uv G)                      32nd
Fiona Thomas (Juv G)                          40th
Raphael Guerout (Juv B)                      54th
Thomas Csisztu (Jr B)                           DNS

Saturday Classic 5 km & 7,5 km Technique

Samantha Csisztu  (5km)                                 1st

Guillaume Pelchat  (7,5km)                                   18th
Sophie Levasseur                                                   27th
Thomas Pelchat                                                      28th
Thomas Csisztu                                                      40th
Raphael Guerout                                                    53rd
Fiona Thomas                                                        DNF

Sunday 5km, 6km & 10 km Skate Technique

An early decision to structure the skis did not pay off as the weather changed quickly and made glide conditions very poor for the skiers!  When most of our skiers usually move up in the standings on skate technique most went back, except for Sophie!!!!!!! But she is always different haha.........

Samantha Csisztu (6 km)                                   7th
Sophie Levasseur (5 km)                                   23rd
Guillaume Pelchat                                             25th
Thomas Pelchat                                                 40th
Fiona Thomas                                                    42nd
Thomas Csisztu (10 km)                                    45th
Raphael Guerout (5 km)                                    63rd

If there is one thing that stood out at this huge competition where only Saskatchewan and PEI were missing as provinces, was that Quebec and Alberta dominated the races. Over 830 skiers participated! Our next big competition is O-Cup # 4 in Temiskaming on February 18th-20th.

O-CUP #4

Two more podiums for Samantha Csisztu !

At her first O-Cup,  Samantha had 2 silver medals.  At her second O-Cup, she picked up 2 gold medals. Now at her 3rd and final O-Cup, she won 2 bronze medals.  I think I will nickname her Samantha "Skittles" Csisztu!!  She seems to enjoy different colours!!!!!!

Results of Saturday Freestyle

Samantha Csisztu (MG)               2,5km               3rd
Guillaume Pelchat (Juv.B)              5km              12th
Sophie Levasseur (Juv.G)               5km              18th
Thomas Pelchat (Juv.B)                  5km              21st
Raphael Guerout (Juv.B)                5km              23rd
Thomas Csisztu (Jr.B)                   10km              30th
Fiona Thomas (Juv.G)                     5km             35th

Results of Sunday Kings Court Sprints

Samantha Csisztu               3rd
Guillaume Pelchat            11th
Sophie Levasseur             17th
Thomas Pelchat                19th
Raphael Guerout              20th
Thomas Pelchat               32nd
Fiona Thomas                  35th              

                            Thomas Csisztu winning his sprint heat with a fabulous lunge!!!!!!

Results of Monday Mass Start Classic Race

Saving the best for last!  Team moves up nicely in the standings after great results with the wax combo! 

Guillaume Pelchat                4th
Samantha Csisztu                 4th
Sophie Levasseur               12th
Thomas Pelchat                  14th
Raphael Guerout                 17th
Thomas Csisztu                   23rd
Fiona Thomas                      31st

Nothing better than fueling up with waffles after a great race!

Two events left this year for the team.  All are off to OFSSAA next week except Samantha.  Then, the last event of the year for Samantha, Guillaume, Raphael and Liam.  They will be attending the Ontario Midget Championship at Kawartha Nordic.  Guillaume will be attempting to win his fourth straight title in a row!  Talk about pressure!!


Left to right!      Sophie Levasseur (Jr. Girls)     1st
                          Guillaume Pelchat (Jr. Boys)    1st
                          Thomas Csisztu (Sr.Boys)       1st
                          Thomas Pelchat (Jr. Boys)       2nd
                          Raphael Guerout (Jr.Boys)      4th - 1st (team MHS)
                          Fiona Thomas (Jr.Girls)           3rd - 1st (team Valour)

                                            ONTARIO MIDGET CHAMPIONSHIP

After winning 7 gold medals at 4 consecutive Ontario Midget Championship, Guillaume Pelchat had to settle for Silver in his last race, by a mere 00,28 sec photo finish !

                   Samanth Csisztu, Guillaume Pelchat, Liam McDonald, Raphael Guerout

Saturday Interval Start Skate                     Sunday Mass Start Classic 

Guillaume     1st                                                               2nd
Samantha     2nd                                                              7th
Raphael        24th                                                            12th
Liam             26th                                                            19th

Congratulations to Liam for receiving a technical award for his one step double pole.